What exactly is Networking ?

Network a group of people who exchange information, contacts, and experience for professional or social purposes.

Ask ten different people what networking is and you may get as many as ten different answers. A person's definition of networking probably depends upon their use of this important personal and professional activity. However, whether you network to make new friends, find a new job, develop your current career, explore new career options, obtain referrals or sales leads, or simply to broaden your professional horizons, it is important to focus on networking as an exchange of information, contacts or experience.

In any industry or career level networking helps you make connections in a personal way and build relationships of support and respect to discover and create mutual benefits. It is a skill set no serious professional person of the 21st Century can be without.

What exactly is NetUsIn ?

NetUsIn is a Networking Community that offers each and everybody an opportunity to attend a wide range of frequent Networking Events without having to be a member of any specific organization, business council, club, or group.

The concept behindNetUsIn is the opportunity to meet, establish or renew relationships & contacts, share information & ideas, discuss common goals or just make new friends with a wide range of similarly minded persons in an informal environment.

Everyone who attends any particularNetUsIn Event are there for the same reasons as one another, therefore are approachable & reciprocal.

Where are the Networking Sessions held ?

Regular Network events will take place at various convenient locations within your City.

Once we arrive at the minimum number of Registrations in your City, and also cross the thresh hold limit to organize an event, we notify you A printable map for each venue will always be available on the web site prior to each event.

On going Network Events will continue to take place at various and unique locations. This will offer the opportunity of learning about and frequenting many new and prestigious locations that are continually opening in your city.

How much does it cost to join?

There are no memberships or joining fees. If you would like to attend any of the events, simply register and confirm your presence at the invite and we will welcome you on the night.

To ensure the quality of the evening, entrance will include the first two beverages of your choice and a selection of hot & cold canap? during the evening at a subsidized cost. A cash bar is available thereafter at subsidized rates.

How often are the Network Sessions?

Upon Registration you will be notified by email of the dates and times of the various Network Evenings.

This information will also be regularly updated on the website.

What are the timings?

The timings for a typical Network Session is from 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm.

Some sessions will commence earlier to allow persons to come directly from the office so to leave the remainder of the evening free for other arrangements, whilst others may last longer to allow the hardcore net workers maximum time to Network!

On Registration you will be notified by email (or fax) of the dates and times of the various Network Evenings.

What is the Dress Code?

Straight from the office, a business suit, national dress or smart casual is all acceptable attire.

In the interim, please do tell your contacts, colleagues and co-workers about NetUsIn Networking, to make our time more Enjoyable & more Rewarding. I am sure they will appreciate your gesture!

Who can participate?

Once registered, you will get an Invitation, which needs confirmation for your attendance.

You do not need to be employed or with a company as one reason of participating. Networking Sessions is to seek employment, or a change of job.

Network Sessions are not restricted to persons of a particular trade, activity, business, or of any specific business council, club, organization, group or other.

Everyone who wishes to Network is Welcome! A number of the events will also have an associated 'theme' that will target specific industries, professions or people with common interests.

Upon registration you may request a specific Network of your industry or interest and we will arrange it on your behalf.

Who normally attends?

Similarly minded professional business persons with the same objective as you i.e. to meet and mingle with other people.

Every Network Event will be open to everyone invited and confirmed.

Some of the events will also have an associated 'theme' that will target specific industries, professions or people with common interests, but all sessions ( including these ones ) will still be available for everyone to attend as a General Networking Session.

As a Value Added Service - upon registering, you may choose a Network Theme of your preferred choice and we will organize it on your behalf.

Please contact us for more information.

Why should I attend?

Improve your profile, increase your business, fly your flag, be seen, establish some useful contacts, offer your services, seek the services of others, make some friends, do some business, there are many reasons too attend.

Can I bring guests, colleagues, visitors or friends?

The network events are open to everyone who wants to network. Guests, colleagues, visitors or friends are all welcome to attend. All attendees should be registered before the event.

Can you arrange a Network Evening for my industry type or a specific interest?

We may arrange and organize a specific network for an industry type, a specific area or for your existing group or organization.

The advantages are simple, one fixed location catering specifically for a Network Environment, exclusivity or 'open' invitation, and you may benefit from the fixed reasonable bar tariffs & snack menu's, all you need to do is provide us the numbers,
we do everything else down to the drinks vouchers and badges on entry.

Here are just a few examples of future network events that will always be in conjunction with a General Network Evenings:

Construction - an opportunity to meet with other persons involved in the Construction Industry. The invitation is extended to Engineers, Quantity Surveyors, developers, suppliers, landlords, investors, as well as persons associated with related industries and the general net workers form various backgrounds & services.

Hoteliers / Entertainment - an opportunity to meet with fellow Hoteliers, Restaurateurs to cover common ground. The invitation is extended to the General Managers, Directors, Chefs and all persons involved in the running of the industry as well as persons associated with related industries and the general net workers form various backgrounds & services.

What is the 'setting' for a Network Session?

To optimize your networking experience, the room is well lit to allow you to move around and meet people, and there is a soft piped music to allow you to talk and hear others clearly.

A number of 'tall cocktail' tables are dotted around the room to allow you to put your drink down and stand around and talk with a small or larger group of people.

On the peripheral of the room are some tables & chairs where you may choose to retreat to for a more formal discussion or to sit with your guests / contacts. A Full & light Menu is available, although finger snacks are available during the evening.

Waiters will serve drinks and pass around the wide selection of hot & cold canapés so there is no need to interrupt your conversation.


What is the basic sequence of events

Net workers are normally punctual/p>

You will be welcomed at the door upon arrival, registered, and given a name badge.

A list of all persons attending will be available at the Door to allow you to see who is there and who may be useful meeting and talking with.

There are no speeches or formalities. From here on, it is up to you to work the room and establish / meet your contacts.

Networking "How To's"

Start with a purpose. It does you no good to attend any networking function unless you define your objectives to know why you are there.

The name tag is worn on the right side to provide an easy sight-line to your name when shaking hands.

Have an effective handshake. This may appear obvious, but you have probably been on the receiving end of at least one "bone-crusher" and one "limp fish." Practice your handshake to avoid giving one of those yourself!

Be sure to introduce yourself!

1. Say your name clearly. "Hello, my name is Venkatesh Prasad, It's a pleasure to meet you."

2. Shake hands.

3. Use an "elevator" speech: describe who you are or what you do in ten seconds or less.

4. When appropriate, offer a business card, and ask the other person for one of his or hers. Sometimes, it is more appropriate to exchange business cards when only you depart from one another.

Once the event is over, your networking doesn't stop! Be sure to follow up with those you've met, keep in contact, share information and offer to help in any way you can.

Be sure to send a written acknowledgment or "Thank You" note to your networking contacts.

Tips for working a room

  • In many networking events, you will find yourself with time to "mingle" among the other attendees. It may be beneficial for you to spend some time planning and preparing how you will "work the room" to get the most from your efforts.

  • Start with small talk.

  • Don't stay too long in one place. After eight to ten minutes, excuse yourself with a pleasantry such as, "It was nice meeting you ... "

Let preparation and practice be your guide. Spend some time planning your conversation generators.

Tips for working a table

  • Some networking events may feature a meal. It is crucial to practice good table etiquette to make the best impression.

  • Make the introductions. Proceed as if you are host of the table.

  • Sit and listen to learn. Start the conversation by asking questions: why people are there, what they hope to gain, how they found out about the event.

  • Avoid monopolising the conversation.

  • Keep your business cards handy. Do not deal them out impersonally.

Practice good table etiquette. Let common sense and consideration of others be your guide.

Networking Informational Interviews

The informational interview is a tried and true method used to gather information and gain insights when searching for career opportunities and exploring new options. When asking for an informational interview:

Be clear on your mission. Be honest with people by respecting their time, and don't have a hidden agenda.

Make sure you have the right person. Sometimes your initial contact can direct you to someone more appropriate to your mission and purpose. Be open to suggestions as to who else you might contact.

Be prepared and interested. Prepare your personal introduction, and plan your questions. Take notes, and try to keep the meeting to a half hour.

Always send a "Thank You" note!


Networking can be a fun and easy way to enrich your life, broaden your horizons, and enhance your career. But, it can also be potentially devastating if you act rudely, insensitively, or ignore the needs and desires of others. Remember, crucial to your success is that you treat networking as an exchange of ideas, information and experience. You are not selling or simply telling or "sponging" off of others for your own benefit only. Be generous in sharing your talents, experiences, and ideas, and always be respectful of those around you.

General Networking Questions:
  • What do you do?

  • How long have you done it?

  • What do you enjoy most about what you do?

  • What types of individuals or companies do you typically work with?

  • Why do people typically come to you? What kinds of problems do you solve?

  • How did you get into this field?

  • What do you find most challenging about your line of work?

  • How or where do you find most of your business?

  • In what geographical areas does your company deliver services?

  • What is happening over at your company?

  • Oh, you're with _____________

  • I've heard great things about your company. How long have you been with them?

  • How long have you been a member of this organization?

  • How has this organization been beneficial for you?

  • What do you like most about this organization?

  • What other organization have you found to be beneficial?

  • Would you be interested in getting together for lunch?

  • It looks as though we assist many of the same companies.

  • I 'd like to learn more about what you do so that if one of my clients should need resources such as those you offer, I'll know whom to call.

  • Would you be interested in getting together for lunch sometime? I'd enjoy the opportunity to learn more about you and your firm

  • My clients see me as a resource and, who knows, at some point you might be able to solve challenges faced by one of my clients.

  • You mentioned earlier that your company is going through phenomenal growth. I've done a great deal of work with firms like yours

  • I have a couple of ideas that might help you with some of the challenges you are facing. Would you like to get together for lunch sometime?

  • I'd be happy to share my ideas with you.

Questions To Ask People You've Previously Met:

  • Last time we spoke, you mentioned you were facing a challenge in ___________

  • How did that turn out for you?

  • What new things are happening with your firm?

  • Are you aware of the changes in compliance with regard to _____________?

  • How are you going to respond to those changes?

  • Share a client benefit story and ask if the person has ever faced a similar challenge.

  • Did you see the article on _____________ that was recently in the paper?

  • What did you think of it?


  • The benefits of effective networking are many. Some of these are:

  • It is the most cost effective marketing tool available

  • Networking referrals will typically generate 80% more results than a cold call

  • 70-80% of all jobs are found through networking

  • Every person you meet has 200-250 people with whom they connect who can
    potentially assist you

  • Anyone that you might want to meet or contact in the world, is only five to six
    people contacts away from you

  • A power that comes from a spirit of giving and sharing

  • A willingness to honour ourselves, our relationships and our connections with the
    universal flow

  • A way of sending out into the system what we have and what we know, and having it return to re-circulate continually through the network

  • An organised way of creating links from people we know to people they know for a specific purpose

  • Giving, contributing to and supporting others without keeping score

  • People caring about people

  • Fostering self-help, and the exchange of information; seeking to change society and
    work life and to share resources

  • Ensuring the right to ask a favor without hooks



Possible networking goals:

  • To increase market share/customers

  • To find new ideas

  • To learn and develop yourself

  • To find a job/work/career

  • To find new colleagues/friends

  • To pursue a hobby or interest

  • To gain new perspectives on topics of interest to you

  • To go into business for yourself


A number of great opportunities exist to Promote You & Your Business
with NetUsIn !




Networking Opportunities

Upon entry to all our events members are required to drop their Business Card in the drop box. Before the evening ends a Card is drawn at Random, and the winning member is given FREE entry to the next networking event.

In order to 'qualify' for a prize, the attendees are requested to be present until the closing hours of the event and present themselves if called in as a winner. If unavailable, the next call gets the prize.

Another contributing factor of the NetUsIn Networking events are the competitions and prizes presented on the evening.

Upon entry each guest is also presented with a 'networking form' This form must be completed during the course of the evening.

The 'network form' is an incentive for guests to meet one another and work the room. The idea is to meet one person from each of the criteria set out on the form. Once the form is completed it is dropped off in a box on the main stage.

All attendees qualify for a 'free' prize. All prizes are exclusive to persons attending the event, and the winner needs to be there at the time of the draw to collect the prize or it is re-drawn. There are different categories for the prizes in order to offer more people the chance of winning and make the proceedings more enjoyable. Each of the prizes is often appropriate to the category. 

Companies that contribute prizes for the events are included in the "Our Supporters" link for the event on the web site where their Company logo and link to their web site is included.

Furthermore, a mention of their company is included in :

  • On the NetUsIn Networking, web site - Prizes & Winners, Our Supporters & Winners Circle photos ( with a caption ) that all remain on the web site indefinitely

  • Mentions during the course of the evening by the MC

  • Post-event thank you's and update of the event

A representative of the company may present the prize where they will also get the opportunity to briefly elaborate and their company and services.

In addition to the above, and dependent on the 'category' of prize(s) offered, banners may be placed at the event and brochures may be brought on the night. (Please ask for Terms & Conditions for Banners & Brochures)


Card in Hand

Upon entry to each event every person is given:

  • An Entry Ticket

  • A Competition Form

  • Two Free Drink Vouchers

For simplicity and logistics all of the above are stapled together

We may include your 'Company Card', i.e. stapled to the above items that are handed to each person upon entry.

This will be restricted to one company / item only per event.

The NetUsIn Network Pack (for the Future)

A NetUsIn Network pack is a 'purpose-made carrier bag' that will literally be handed to each person as they leave the event. As they are leaving they will carry the network pack directly with them to their car / taxi. This system ensures that every person who has attended the event leaves with a network pack in hand.

Selected value added 'items' will be placed in the each pack, and the number of items restricted as to not lose the value of each item.

Suggestions include 'genuine' discount vouchers, gift vouchers, free samples, promotional material
(T-Shirts, Key rings, calendars, diaries etc)

This creates a learning environment where knowledge is exchanged and participants can make a connection to use their skills, knowledge, strengths and talents to help others and the Community as well. It is important for all individuals to continually grow and develop and this occurs through learning and through being coached and mentored and doing the same for others.

The "can do" attitude is essential and those attending networking events are most successful when they have the perception of 'it is not what others can do for me, more importantly, what can I do for others?' Successful net workers have a genuine interest in others and are there to make a connection and build relationships. Business is what may naturally follow."

Truly networking is here to stay. As it is said best, "We may have all arrived in different ships but we are all in the same boat now."




Networking is latest global buzz phrase, and a most important tool in today's market. Register now and learn more about NetUsIn and how it can help you and your business.

Every share qualifies for reward points that can be discounted at the meet you attend,
You will need to mail us a screenshot of this share on your FB page to us at netusin@gmail.com
(read our Terms)

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